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Fiancee VISA (K1) INFORMATION and Referral CENTER

Get your new K-1 Fiancee Visa Guide
authored by Immigration Attorney Laurie Wu

Call (732) 387-3668 for questions and more information!


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Constant contact and support for both you and your Fiancee

AFA's In-House Immigration Attorney: Laurie Wu Chines-speaking Immigration Attorney

Here are some recent testimonials we have received in reference to our services:

Attorney Laurie Wu prepared a K1 Fiancée Visa application for me and my Chinese fiancée. Laurie also helped me with my K-1 visa application for my ex-fiancée and I withdrew that application. All along, Laurie took time to listen to our concerns and addressed them in a thoughtful, respectful, and caring way. She replied to inquiries promptly, both to me and my fiancée in China. Her advice was both helpful and reassuring. She called my fiancée many times and spoke to her in her native language. She was available to us both outside of normal business hours. I feel she took the time to cover every possible aspect of our case, and planned for all possible scenarios. My fiancée’s health history and my past drunk driving arrests required her to do extra work. Laurie contacted the United States Consulate in Guangzhou a few times to enquire about the status of our application. Her assistant in Guangzhou reviewed all our documents and assured my fiancée they were in order. Laurie called my fiancée before the interview to help her prepare. By the time my fiancée went to her interview, she felt both confident and prepared, and she passed her interview without incident. We are looking forward to our wedding! We will have Laurie assist us with any and all legal matters up to and including the day my fiancée becomes a US citizen. She has earned our trust, and I recommend her without reservation.

By: Ken

Laurie is a friendly attorney and prompt in responding to email or phone call in regard of my case. I came in the USA on a fiancee visa ,got married and to interview and everything but my case was still pending for over 4 years and never could have my green card until the day I got her on my case and it did not take her long to get me my green card in a promptly manner. She was very professional when it comes to her advises and information I wish i met her earlier I did not have to waste all the money for no reason. definitively if i ever need a lawyer i would hire her again and again and recommend her to anybody who need a caring attorney. i do not have enough words to thank her.

By: Rose

We have been working with Laurie over the past few years and she has provided us great service. Immigrating is very confusing and not always clear what is required. Laurie has shown that she has a comprehensive understanding of the requirements and the system to make the process run smoothly and had confidence in her at each step. In this sort of process communication is very important and she kept us appraised at each stage and in layman terms we could understand. We even rehired her to help us to renew my green card two years after I became a permanent resident.

By: Dmitri

We hired Laurie Wu based on a friend's recommendation, and we are grateful that we made this decision. I've been living in China for over ten years and wanted to attend a friend's wedding and visit my family in the USA along with my wife, who is a Chinese citizen. Laurie helped my wife obtain a visitor visa. Laurie was very friendly and punctual throughout the entire process, and she demonstrated a thorough knowledge of the relevant procedures, experience with clients in similar circumstances, and ability to answer our questions and explain what we needed to know. Moreover, her fluency in multiple languages (English, Mandarin and Cantonese) was especially helpful in our case. Initially, the Consulate denied the visa, apparently because the officer had difficulty understanding my wife's answers in Chinese. After the first interview, Laurie recommended that my wife reapply and request a different officer, and that she be more assertive in explaining her situation to the officer. She did that, and the visa was approved. We would definitely hire Laurie again for future cases and recommend her to friends.

By: Matt &Feifei

I will recommend Laurie to anyone in a heart beat. She was outstanding in subject matter, highly professional, and very personable. She was always available to answer our question, return email very quickly, always very patient in the phone and provide precise advise/guidance/instruction. She knew what exactly needed to do in every step on the way and make us feel very confident in tough situation. She analyzed every situation in details and gave us what to expect in the next step. We never had to worry for our case. She always kept us informed and made very possible effort to advance the case. She can speaks multiple language and that helped us tremendously.

I will strongly recommend her to anyone and she is outstanding.

By: Caiyun

From the very first day I was put in touch with Laurie she was accommodating, understanding and gave me sound advice. I liked her straightforward approach and practical advice. Ours was a unique situation and she expertly guided us through it keeping us on track with what were the next steps and what we should expect. Even at times when we fell behind with the paperwork she checked on us to keep track of our progress. Whether over phone or email she was always readily available and helped us through any doubts we might have or any questions that arose. My fiance worked with her on his end over the phone to get prepared for the interview and loved the experience. His exact words were 'She is awesome and she rocks'. We hit a few road-bumps because of the uniqueness of our situation but were guided through all by Laurie. We now have the fiance visa in hand thanks to Laurie's advice and help. We look forward to working with her in the future as well.

By: Bipasha

Laurie Wu is fantastic. My wife Yuqin and I hired her to do my wife's K1 visa a few years ago. My wife is from China and it is a difficult and timely process. Laurie's expertise is amazing. Last year we hired her to help with my step-son's visa application as we have the utmost confidence in her. Yesterday was my step-son's interview and he was approved without any delays or issues. Laurie always returns emails and calls immediately. She speaks Chinese which is very helpful in our situation. She is very precise and on top of things. I deal with a few attorneys and most are not efficient like Laurie.

By: Al Ranson

We are very fortunate to have Laurie to represent us in getting a K-1 VISA. Alina is an Ukrainian Citizen and she does not speak English very well, but Laurie had translator to bridge the communication gap when taking to Alina. Laurie's attention to details is impeccable … Laurie always send a very clear instructions on what to do, and more importantly with the estimated timeline and next steps … Laurie also do a few things that I thought was genius and very helpful for her customers like us … I can not share her trade secrets on this public forum, so you just have to hire her to represent you if you want to find out. Trust me, you will not regret it. We feel that Laurie is sincerely care about us, and it shows when she always respond to our questions in a very timely fashion and more importantly make us in ease throughout the process. Last but not least, Laurie keeps checking with us and update us on our status, even checking with us on the VISA interview date on how the interview goes. We highly recommend Laurie for anyone that needs a immigration VISA. We also ask Laurie to represent us in getting tourist VISA for Alina’s mother to attend our wedding. Alina’s mother received a 10-year tourist VISA.

By: Alina and Djonli

I immigrated to the U.S. from Canada on a K-1 Visa. My husband and I retained Laurie after the fact to guide us through the process of my permanent residence application because I had overstayed my Visa and we wanted to make sure that we did everything right. We were intimidated by the application process as we were somewhat overwhelmed with all the requirements, and we can't imagine that anyone could have helped us through it better than Laurie did.

She guided us through all the steps with the utmost of professionalism, patience and compassion, and she kept the light at the end of the tunnel shining for us throughout. She always made herself available to answer any questions or explain anything we did not quite understand or needed clarification on. She completed all the official forms on our behalf before having us review and sign them and she lifted a lot of the burden from us. We truly feel like had it not been for Laurie, we would have surely been pulling our hair out had we attempted the process on our own.

She kept excellent records on our case and was able to access anything within minutes of me asking on the occasion that I misplaced my own copies of certain forms or supporting documentation. Her excellent knowledge of the immigration process, organization and attention to detail kept us in order at all times.
We know for a fact that Laurie made the whole process a LOT less painful and we are thankful and grateful for everything she did for us.

Because of Laurie, we were completely confident in advance of our final interview at the Immigration office last week. We felt that everything was order, we were totally prepared and we did not fear any surprises. The interview could not have gone any better. Smooth as butter, really. My green card is now on its way.

Laurie is an fantastic immigration lawyer and I would recommend her to anyone, anytime.

By: Colleen Hart

Laurie Wu is both professional and incredibly personal in her service, the best of both worlds and just what my wife and I needed in her immigration and green card process. She pays attention to all the details and make sure that you understand them, explaining in a very kind and personal manner. Without all of her help I would have been completely lost in all the paperwork. There were also unusual peculiarities in the timeline of our case and when we needed the green card by a certain date, which was made more difficult by my wife's affiliations in China. But with Laurie's help we got the green card just in time when we needed it! Highly recommended and will work with her again when we need to remove the conditions on my wife's green card in two years.

By: Brendan

Laurie helped us with two cases, one for my son's US citizenship and my fiancée's visa application. She was very experienced in our matter, Laurie was there whenever we had a question and replied prompted with all the information we needed. She handled our case very well and followed through till the very end. We are really glad we had Laurie help us through this and highly recommend her. Thank you!!

By: Jorge S.

Dealing with Laurie is always a great pleasure. She already helped us twice with paperwork: with K1-visa for me and then with Guest visas for my parents. And we will definitely hire her again for further steps in my case and guest visas for other members of my family. She is very organized, clear in instructions, covering every tiny detail; making sure everything is understood in a right way and paperwork filled out correctly. She is always available via e-mail, phone, skype. She is not afraid to meet tight deadlines. Great follow-up. She is very open, friendly, willing to help. Thank you, Laurie!!!

By: Nataliia

Many people may have the feeling that gaining trust is so difficult—it may take years on building a trusted relationship, while losing trust is so easy—probably just over seconds. I don’t think it would be ever the case for Laurie. Laurie gained my trust when I received her first email in 2012 instructing me in great detail about how to be prepared for going through the fiancée visa process, and we worked for several months since then until I received my visa to the US. After I moved in the US, I had some difficulties, and I felt so helpless and hopeless, luckily I found Laurie when I had hardest time in my life. Although I was not Laurie’s customer and Laurie was very busy at the time when I found her, Laurie spoke to me on the phone and wrote me emails, I was so moved also impressed by her caring heart, inspiring words and great respect on people. I made up my mind immediately that I would like to hire Laurie again when I need to go through immigration process two years later, and I did. What Laurie did actually was far beyond an immigration attorney would do, for she cares people more than anything else, and she always provide quality service:

1. Sense of urgency and work efficiency
Laurie always provides quick response no matter what I asked for. She worked out everything for me very efficiently. In the event of tight schedule that prevented her from writing back to me with detailed information, she would give me a quick update letting me know when she would write me again with more details.

2. Professionalism and knowledgeable
Laurie is very professional and knowledgeable. She always gives me very clear answers no matter what questions asked, or no matter what concerns I had. When she was working on my case, she paid great attention to all details and checked everything very carefully to assure the accuracy of the information.

3. Accountability and reliability
Laurie is very accountable and kept her commitment. To assure my application could be submitted as quick as possible to unload my burdens, Laurie even didn’t take day off like many people did during the holiday season until the last minutes when she needed to catch up the Christmas Eve with her family.
4. Respect on people, support and encouragement

When I reconnected and talked to Laurie, I was unemployed, Laure didn’t judge me and her words were so encouraging and inspiring, she always has faith that I could go back to career even I myself found it so difficult in such a new country. Her positive attitude influence me to be positive, and after I went back to career, she provided me with so strong support through her loving heart and doing more beyond the scope of her responsibility—she even helped me with dealing with car accident and other personal stuff.

5. Diversity and inclusive
Laurie speaks English and Cantonese, and some Mandarin as well. Culture difference may add to people’s difficulty for communication. Laurie has excellent knowledge of cultures cross nations and has great experience in dealing with culture difference. I had zero problem of communicating with Laurie, actually in the course of time I have been enjoying more and more working with Laurie together on my immigration case.

In addition to her communication skills with me, Laurie has shown effective communication with immigration office. She rescheduled our finger-print when the original date and places didn’t work well for us, and made things very easy for us.

I agree that building trust usually is not easy, but Laurie is the attorney I can put full trust on and she is the one who I would like to refer to my friends or anyone else who needs immigration help. After having gone through everything, I simply felt relief that I found Laurie and had her help.

By: Jean

It was a total pleasure to work with Laurie throughout my wife's entire K-1 visa application process. From the initial filing of the petition to the final receipt of her Green Card, Laurie showed unbelievable professionalism in the handling of my wife's case, and her attention to detail was impeccable when reviewing our paperwork. She guided us through the entire nerve-racking process expeditiously and with great care. All we have to do was fill out a few personal data surveys and round up some documents. Laurie would take care of the rest. No headaches at all! Laurie always returned our emails promptly, and we never have to wait more than 24 hours for a response to our questions. Best of all, I feel that Laurie really cares about her clients, and we will definitely be hiring her again when my wife will be applying to have her conditions removed in two years.

By: Him

I found that Laurie was very helpful in this process and always returner my E mails within 24 hours even if it was on holidays and weekends . Laurie was friendly and very professional in all aspects of this process. We never had any problems and Laurie was very precise with any information that she gave me .When my fiancée got to the USA Laurie sent us a nice e mail wishing us a successful marriage .

I would recommend Laurie to anyone who ventures on this Journey of bringing their fiancée to the USA , she was helpful during and after my fiancée arrived in the USA

By: Joel

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